Generation Homes

Marcel Fekkes
027 256 9327

Generation Homes are proud to build architecturally designed, modern, and warm new homes all over Canterbury and New Zealand for a fully fixed price and a guaranteed move-in date and have done so since 1997.

Being one of New Zealand’s top 10 residential construction companies by volume, Generation Homes not only builds new homes but also communities by supporting organisations and initiatives across a wide range of causes and by being a safe, steady, reliable pair of hands with an unwavering level of integrity in everything they do.

Generation Homes are committed to their fixed price guarantee. Once you sign your contract, they will not change the price of your new home build no matter how large or small and whether it’s on your own land or a home and land package.

With House & Land packages in Bellgrove starting from $595,000, Generation Homes are making building easy.

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Generation Homes Lots (Selling Now)
Lot No. Dwelling Size Bedrooms Bathrooms Garage Price Website Link
 Lot 39  195 m2  3  2  2  $1,090,000  Show Home Investment – Lot 39
 Lot 81  142 m2  3  2  1  $765,000  Generation – Lot 81
 Lot 164  133 m2  3  1  1  $689,000  Generation – Lot 164
 Lot 165  113 m2  2  1  1  $595,000  Generation – Lot 165